WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system. We have years of experience building custom WordPress sites. Our approach doesn’t use theme builders. Instead, we offer a flexible, customized solution that is accessible, responsive for all devices, and designed to reflect your branding values.

WordPress logo in black and white

Is WordPress right for you?

  • Functionality
    Core capabilities out of the box, and an online community of support
  • Affordability
    An Open Source solution with no license fees
  • Scalability
    Quickly add new features, users, and content as usage increases
  • Adaptability
    Plug-in management allows for continuous growth
  • Maturity
    The largest online user base of any content management system
  • Vendor Flexibility
    Regional WordPress vendors limit the reliance on a single supplier

Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP)

The installation and launch of the WordPress CMS is consistently secured by referring to up-to-date documentation that supports our process in securely hardening the hosting environment. Our team will lead efforts and support your party in following best practices to lock down vulnerabilities and ensure a safe, successful launch.

Related Services

Once you decide you’re ready for a website, Sandbox can support you with:

CANVector Website

Website Evaluations

Our experts can conduct an audit of your website and provide you with insights on updates to consider

Project Spotlight

One of Canada’s largest health systems partnered with us to develop an innovative, patient-centred website in WordPress.

“As an experienced WordPress product owner, I can confidently say that this is both the most functionally complex WordPress site I’ve ever used and also – a testament to Sandbox – the easiest to use.”

Colleen Westerndorf, Communications Officer – Web & Digital Lead, Sherbourne Health