Accessibility Services

Sandbox offers accessibility reviews that detail areas of improvement for content, design, navigation, and functionality aspects of your site. We have a range of options best suited to the size of your website. Each review is lead by a Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC) and is backed by Sandbox’s years of experience in developing accessible websites (from start to finish). We consider best practices based on current web behaviour, regional legislation requirements, and international WCAG (web content accessibility guidelines) success criteria.

At Sandbox we are committed to accessibility. We understand that technical requirements and compliance alone do not make a website accessible. We want to support you in removing major barriers that affect the 20% of Canadians who navigate the web with a disability.

If you are interested in learning more about our accessibility reviews and services, please contact us today.

Scan of up to 10 pages
Cost: $1,700
Scan of up to 15 pages
Cost: $2,125
Scan of up to 25 pages
Cost: $3,125
Accessibility Services Basic Standard Premium
Automated tool scans
Web Accessibility Evaluation tool (WAVE)
Google Lighthouse
Broken link scanner
Load-time testing
HTML validator
Readability checker
Manual review
Navigation structure
Basic screen reader operation
Alternative text availability
Cognitive load insights
Advanced screen reader operation
Links and image insights
Font and contrast insights
User testing (proudly in partnership with a third party)
Report Recommendations
Resolving WCAG errors
Maintaining accessible content
Accessibility review presentation

Accessibility Training

Is your team interested in web accessibility or learning how to keep your website content accessible for people with disabilities? Contact us to book a training session today!