Discover User Needs

Our team makes strategic recommendations for software and websites based on evidence, industry best practices, and our diverse experience. Before building your digital project, it is important to understand what your audience needs from the solution.

We help you find out those needs through discovery activities such as:

Todd Kasenberg stands in front of a group of participants. He speaks with a PowerPoint about Personas on a screen next to him.

Discover how your customers, partners, or employees feel about their interactions with current solutions.

These sessions support your team in generating and defining:

  • Types of users and audiences (personas)
  • Persona definitions
  • Persona experience details
  • Scenarios, pain points, emotional maps, and phrases that personas experience
  • Support for review and analysis of your unique journey map data to help identify areas for improvement

Involve your end users in your design through interactive sessions. Engage participants in a collection of individual and group activities that will provide insights on:

  • The unique needs of different types of users and audiences (personas)
  • Desired features and functionality
  • Content priority
  • Information architecture
  • Look and feel

Gather feedback from your direct audience by obtaining feedback on your current or upcoming digital solution(s).

Conduct a review of traffic analytics to better understand:

  • How audiences find your site
  • Types of audiences brought to your site
  • How audiences navigate through your site
  • Key site areas or popular pages
  • Gaps in website content
  • Frequently used technologies

Card sorting activities give audiences the chance to categorize website information based on their experience and preference.

This creates a view on trends that can be optimized. Insights from these activities support in developing effective information architecture for your new website, portal or intranet.

Targeted tasks are offered to a collection of your audience members. The interactive sessions identify barriers and areas for improvement. The activity can also highlight positive areas to build upon.

Compare third-party platforms to the unique criteria you have planned to identify the best solution for your needs.

Gather feedback from a wide range of people with different lived experiences. Results from this activity can offer valuable diverse insights to help form your next solution.

We work closely with you to customize questions that will meet your unique objectives.

Related Services

Our clients can use the insights gained from our discovery activities for their own purposes, or those insights can feed into future phases of a web or software development project.

“Sandbox brought with them a vast library of tools, an engaging approach which allowed multiple stakeholders to provide input and were professional in their work.  Together we developed a comprehensive long-term strategy, a compelling customer centric website design, and a clear path to build a leading-edge website.”

Lori Brown, Project Manager | Halton Region