Build Websites and Software that Meets Your Users’ Needs

The Sandbox team makes strategic recommendations for digital solutions based on evidence, industry best practices and our diverse experience. Before establishing requirements for your digital project, it is important to understand what your audiences need from the platform.

In supporting our partners in making the right decisions for their digital solutions, we can conduct one or more of the following discovery activities:

Want to ensure a seamless customer experience for your customers, patients, partners or employees?

Discover how your users, customers, partners or employees feel about their interactions with your organization by conducting engaging journey mapping sessions facilitated by Sandbox Software.

These sessions will support your team in generating and defining:

  • A list of potential personas
    (your users and/or audiences)
  • Definitions for key personas
  • A list of key journeys those personas experience
  • Detailed journey maps for key scenarios identified including the phases, touch points, emotions and pain points experienced by the journeyist (persona)
  • Tips and tools to support review and analysis of your journey maps, to help identify areas for improvement in processes/experiences

Don’t want to guess at your users’ needs in your next website, intranet or software platform? 

Involve your end users in the redesign or design process through an advisory board session facilitated by Sandbox. These interactive sessions engage participants in a collection of individual activities and group work that will provide insights on:

  • The unique needs of different user types (personas)
  • Desired features and functionality
  • Content priority
  • Information architecture
  • Look and feel

Looking to evaluate your current website or software platform to make improvements? 

Sandbox can facilitate a session focused on obtaining the perspectives of several of your audience members while using your website and/or software.

Do you really know how people are using your website, portal or intranet? 

Conduct an analytics review to better understand:

  • How people are finding your site
  • Who might be looking at your site
  • How they are using and navigating the site (flow)
  • Where they are and are not spending time at your site
  • Where there may be pitfalls or gaps in your site
  • What technologies are most frequently used to navigate your site

Struggling to figure out how to organize information at your website or intranet site?

Developing an information architecture for your new website, portal or intranet can be challenging. How individuals access information at a site can be very different. A card sort activity can provide insights into how audience members would group or categorize information. From these sorts, trends can be identified to optimize your site’s new information architecture for the people who ultimately will use the site.

Ready to launch a new digital solution? Make sure it works well for its intended users.

Find out by having Sandbox execute formal user experience testing with a collection of your audience members. These interactive sessions ask participants to achieve targeted tasks to identify barriers and areas for improvement.

Sandbox will often conduct User Experience Testing as a part of our own development projects.

Are you looking for a new software system or platform but don’t know which will best meet your organization’s needs? 

Sandbox has conducted several environmental scans to compare third-party platforms against the unique criteria of our partners, to identify the best solution for their needs.

Conducting a web-based survey provides many people the opportunity to offer insights to support your digital projects. In conducting surveys on behalf of our partners, our partners’ objectives inform the customization of our question set.

“Sandbox brought with them a vast library of tools, an engaging approach which allowed multiple stakeholders to provide input and were professional in their work.  Together we developed a comprehensive long-term strategy, a compelling customer centric website design, and a clear path to build a leading-edge website.”

Lori Brown, Project Manager | Halton Region

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Our clients can use the insights gained from our discovery activities for their own purposes, or those insights can feed into future phases of a web or software development project.