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    In 2004, Devin Gauthier and Mark George laid the foundation for our company. Since then, a small team has blossomed into a dynamic group of over 20 members. Embracing the flexibility of today’s digital world, we have team members working from, not only our Ontario headquarters, but also across different regions of Canada. This approach allows us to foster a diverse and talented workforce, dedicated to delivering excellence in all that we do.

    Projects We Pursue

    Our team’s values actively shape our focus within projects. We make the commitment to perform our best for our clients and learn from each relationship we build. We’re a transparent group and pride ourselves on honest communication. Respect and attentiveness to our co-workers, partners, customers and their needs is our highest priority.

    Over 75% of our work takes place in the healthcare sector. Other key areas of interest are also in working with municipalities or provincial agencies, not-for-profits, and educational spaces. We are leaders in the ability to consider the needs of our customers and their website visitors or software users.

    Our range of expertise isn’t limited and we’re always interested in talking to new potential partners. We’re here to work with you and we pride ourselves in doing it right the first time.