Working for Good

We are passionate and excited by opportunities to develop innovative websites, portals, and software systems that help champion organizations that actively contribute to social causes.

Over 70% of our partners work in the public and not-for-profit sectors.

We are honored to support our clients in the promotion and execution of the great work they do in their respective communities. These projects are invigorating, rewarding, and most of all, motivate us to continue amplifying good.

Sandbox facilitating an ICT Certification Session for high school students focused on artificial intelligence.

To further support great causes, Sandbox employees are encouraged to participate in our Amplifying Good volunteerism program. This allows team members to take two paid days off, each year, to support charities and not-for-profits focused on causes important to them.

Volunteering: A Part of Our Culture

Sandbox wins the inaugural Award of Excellence

We contribute to local efforts because we believe in supporting our community.

Sandbox is proud to lead scholarship, sponsorship, donation, and volunteer initiatives in the Guelph-Wellington area to support our thriving community.

Making a Difference Beyond Our Doors

The Sandbox Software Solutions Scholarship

This scholarship is offered through the University of Guelph. Often presented to a female student, candidates enrolled in a Bachelor of Computing degree program or Information Systems and Human Behaviour major of the Bachelor of Arts degree program with the highest cumulative average are eligible.

Career Night

Each year, Sandbox attends the annual CPES (College of Physical and Engineering Science) Career Night. The career night is offered to University of Guelph students to introduce them to professional connections and help them learn about the job market and career pathways.

As alumni of the Business Centre Guelph-Wellington, Sandbox ownership is proud to have volunteered for speaking engagements, pitch competition evaluations, mentorship and board involvement.

Supporting the growth of education and skills in information technology, Sandbox is a regular participant in ICT Certification days for high school students belonging to Guelph’s Career Education Council.

Sandbox is a proud contributor World Vision including long-term child sponsorships.


Sandbox is proud to have donated to organizations like the McMaster Children’s Hospital and Guelph’s own Hospice Wellington.

Each Christmas, Sandbox enjoys partnering with The Children’s Foundation of Guelph and Wellington to participate in their Adopt-A-Family program.

What Motivates Us

“When we are helping our clients succeed, we know that spreads a lot further than just them. Because our clients serve the community, our work trickles down to benefit others. It’s not always about the bottom line.”

— Denise Jupp, Director of Operations

“There are so many communities that need a voice and causes that deserve a spotlight. To be able to support those communities and causes through the organizations we work with is both heartwarming and exciting. Every project is a new opportunity to give back and feel good about the work we do.”

— Meg Harding, Accessibility & Quality Assurance Coordinator

“One of the most fascinating things about working at Sandbox is the opportunity to work with so many not-for-profit organizations to better support their communities. Whether it’s a small local charity, a national association or an international NGO, Sandbox’s story has been full of rewarding partnerships that in their own ways have positively impacted people.”

— Devin Gauthier, Digital Strategist

CEC ICT Certification Day

AI ICT Certification Session

Sandbox Software Scholarship Presentation

Sandbox Software Scholarship Presentation

User Experience ICT Certification Session

User Experience ICT Certification Session


Net Zero Hackathon @ UofG

Sandbox sponsors a Net Zero Hackathon at UofG