The OASIS Support and Maintenance Program

To support clients in maintaining their OASIS websites, portals and Intranets, Sandbox offers an optional comprehensive support and maintenance program. Based on your unique needs, we propose a plan which includes several support hours of service each month. These hours can be used to support:

  • Managing Content Management System updates
  • Supporting the hospital in making updates to the site
  • Suggesting ongoing recommendations to enhance the user experience
  • Making changes and enhancements to your site (text, visual and/or interface changes)
  • Developing additional features/functionality
  • Providing real-time support to content editors (during business hours)
  • Debugging and resolving issues identified post warranty
  • Training (beyond initial session) to designated staff about use of the CMS
  • Annual Site Review Report and Discussion: Sandbox will assess the general health of your site and provide a summary report annually. Reports will be discussed with the client’s website management team to establish action plans.

If you do not use all your support time in a month, you can ‘carry forward’ the equivalent of 1 month’s support time to the next month.

Service Level Goals:
  • Email or voicemail inquiries will be responded to within 4 business hours
  • Calls received on our 24/7 emergency cell phone will be responded to immediately

Getting Support from our Help Desk

Requesting support from our dedicated Help Desk team is quick and easy. Requests can be made by phone, email or directly through our support portal. All tickets are entered and managed in our TeamWork Desk ticket management solution.

Further, the hospital will also be provided with a secured portal account where they can monitor the progress of their support requests. Monthly status reports will also be issued as our formal means of keeping your team informed. These reports outline hours consumed, work completed, and the status of tickets in progress.