Founded in 2002, Groves Hospital Foundation was created to fundraise, and steward donations made to Groves Memorial Community Hospital. The Foundation is committed to responsibly managing funds that donors entrust and to report on the Foundation’s financial affairs accurately and completely.

Groves partnered with Sandbox after identifying that the original Foundation website had become old and was not serving the community well anymore. The design did not reflect the Groves brand, the navigation was clunky, and the platform was outdated, not user friendly nor accessible.

  • Create a new website that engages users to actively donate
  • Allow users to find value in the organization through a new website that tells their story
  • Ensure the website is responsive across all devices and browsers
  • Become a top-of-mind organization through informing, educating, and engaging donors


For this project, Sandbox chose to leverage the new Oasis for Hospital Foundations Template. This template allowed for a cost effective and easily maintainable solution. From there, Sandbox worked with Groves to identify their aesthetic preferences and apply the appropriate colours and styling to reflect their brand. Various Quality Assurance measures were taken to ensure the new website was WCAG compliant and functional across various browsers and devices. The template was built to engage users of the website with the addition of Donor Stories, a “Donate Today” button, and more.


The new Groves Hospital Foundation website addresses the primary goal of engagement through tools that make it very easy for users to donate, such as a prominent Donate button. The navigation has been streamlined through a smart and effective Information Architecture. The clunky feeling from the old website has been removed by upgrading to the intuitive Oasis platform that is mobile friendly, responsive, and meets accessibility standards. Users can now find the true value in the Groves Hospital Foundation through this updated website.

Groves Hospital Foundation Landing Page image shadow

Through our experience developing dozens of websites in the healthcare industry, Sandbox created a website that met or surpassed all of the Groves Hospital Foundation goals.

> Website Design & Development

Sandbox elected to utilize the intuitive Oasis for Healthcare Template for this website in order to effectively meet budgetary and timeline restrictions.

> Oasis for Healthcare Websites

Groves Hospital Foundation wanted to ensure their website was built using responsive design best practices. Sandbox conducted thorough Quality Assurance activities in order to meet these goals.

> Auditing & Quality Assurance