Whether you have a small website or a complex software system, Sandbox spends a significant amount of time in quality assurance to ensure your solution looks, behaves and functions as expected. Among the many quality assurance activities conducted by Sandbox you can expect:

Ensure your website complies with accessibility best practices and accessibility legislation 

Sandbox has developed websites for dozens of companies and organizations which have legal obligations to meet accessibility standards for websites. This includes companies with 50 or more employees, public sector organizations (agencies of the Province of Ontario and Health Centres), municipalities or municipal services, educational institutions and libraries.

Before launching new sites, we will conduct a thorough accessibility review and testing towards technical compliance of WCAG 2.1 Level AA.

This will support compliance with Ontario’s Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (2005).

Ensure your website performs well in different web browsers. 

Sandbox audits our platforms to ensure they operate seamlessly across web browsers. As part of our standard cross-browser compatibility policy we review our solutions in the latest full version releases of Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Ensure your website performs well on different devices

Sandbox builds its platforms using Responsive Design best practices. We ensure the site will work equally well on desktop, as well as on the latest generation of mobile devices and tablets, running the latest releases of the iOS and Android operating systems.

Understand how your users interact with your new platform before its launched

Sandbox can support organizing and conducting usability tests for navigation and ease-of-use evaluation of a new website, intranet, portal or software system. Our approach is very task-oriented, asking participants to find and/or use targeted, essential features of the site. This informs user experience changes that may be required before launch.

For software platforms and more complex web functionality, Sandbox also defines User Acceptance Tests (UATs) which are clients can use to walk through their solution in advance of launch to ensure it behaves and functions as expected.   During a software project, User Acceptance Tests are conducted at the completion of each Sprint (sprint UATs) and at the end of development (end-to-end testing UATs).

Website Accessibility

Sandbox is proud to have supported organizations such as The Canadian Helen Keller Centre and The Deafblind Network of Ontario in developing their custom websites. Both organizations support those who are Deafblind, visually impaired, or part of the Deaf community.

During these projects, Sandbox conducted usability testing with members of these communities, to ensure that the websites were optimized and accessible for visitors using assistive technologies.

How is your website doing?

Our experts can conduct an audit of your website and provide you with insights on changes to consider.

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