The Family & Children’s Services (FACS) of the Waterloo Region (FACS) responds and works together with families, their supports and our communities to protect and care for children who have been abused or neglected, or who are at risk of being abused or neglected.

FACS identified the need to build an Intranet to connect and keep informed its 450 team members. To this end, FACS began the development of a SharePoint Intranet based on a clone from a partner’s current site (Peel. The organization concluded that to launch the site in a reasonable timeline, they will need the support of an external partner that specializes in Intranet development.

  • Support FACS in the technical development and content migration for their new Intranet
  • Restructure Homepage and Site Map
  • Deploy, configure and style mutliple SharePoint features (Blog, Search, Calendar, Announcements and more)


Sandbox provided strategic support and guidance to assist FACS in architecting the site structure and feature expectations, guiding the content collection, content governance advice and launching their new Intranet site. The Sandbox team restructured the Intranet site map, reworked site navigation mechanisms (menus and sub-menus) and helped create and implement over 50 pages of new content using our established page templates.


By partnering with Sandbox, FACS was able to expedite multiple components of their Intranet development project and create a solution that has been informed by recommendations from our digital strategists.

Has boxed has developed and assisted in the creation of dozens of private Intranets and secured Portals using tools like SharePoint and our own CMS - Oasis.

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Our Digital Strategists worked with FACS team and to ensure their new intranet was optimized for search and streamlined user navigation.

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Our thorough quality assurance ensures that the solutions we create are rigorously tested by both human and automated tools to ensure high levels of functionality and performance.

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