Like most public libraries in Ontario, the Barrie Public Library continues to evolve its online presence to meet the growing expectations of visitors that embrace modern digital solutions. With more than 700,000 visits in 2015, the website was clearly a well-used tool, but it was showing its age. Libraries provide a range of critical curation services, and Barrie Public Library recognized it was time for their website to be refreshed and updated to ensure accessibility and ease of use for all interested stakeholders.

  • Deliver a contemporary, visually appealing new design
  • Support user navigation so content is easy to find
  • Increase the use of various databases and online resources available through the Library
  • Provide deep site and catalogue search through an easy interface
  • Integrate with social media accounts and other existing (or planned) systems and applications


Sandbox helped Barrie Public Library redesign their site with a user focused, simplified navigation structure that allowed patrons and staff to easily source the digital resources they needed across different devices. We delivered a contemporary, visually appealing design that highlighted a distinct homepage, simplified content presentation to reduce site ‘busy-ness’’ and showcases the services available. We built the site in our user-friendly content management system, OASIS, allowing library staff control of the site and the ability to keep the content current and fresh.


The site now acts as a virtual branch, mirroring what the physical branch is trying to accomplish by connecting and enriching its local community and providing access to a wealth of information in the library and beyond.

Barrie Public Library Homepage image shadow

As part of the project Sandbox conducted a digital strategy phase where thorough research and discovery was conducted to ensure both internal and external stakeholders could voice their opinions on what they would like to have in the new site.

> Digital Strategy & Consulting

By using the OASIS Content Management System for the redevelopment of the website Library staff can now easily make updates and changes to the site without having to “look under the hood” at any coding or programming languages.

> Content Management Systems

The new Barrie Public Library site adheres to both W3C and AODA standards, and is equipped with tools such as font resizing to ensure users who are differently abled can access the resources they require in the same streamlined user experience.

> Compliance