Southwestern Public Health (SWPH) works with municipalities, community agencies, health and social services, schools and other local partners to ensure the health of the residents of Oxford County, Elgin County, and the City of St. Thomas.

SWPH partnered with Sandbox in order to redevelop and build-upon their current Program Planning Database. This database which was built in the Drupal CMS has become cumbersome and limiting. Administrators had to return to the original software vendor for database management assistance, and the reporting engine of the software was very slow and inflexible. Therefore, it was time for a new solution…

  • Make it easy for employees to rapidly build out their program plans
  • Allow administrators the ability to manage their database without assistance from Sandbox
  • Integrate with the organization’s Active Directory for authentication


Sandbox started by identifying further requirements of this project through our requirements gathering sessions. Based on what we learned, SWPH needed a solution that was scalable, maintainable, and easy-to-use. Also, some custom features were requested that would need to be built out for this project. Due to this, we elected to build the new Program Planning Database in our proprietary CMS Oasis. Choosing Oasis allowed us to build-upon the original database and provide new or improved features such as tracking and reporting, advanced search, active directory integration, robust role-based access, and more.


The new Program Planning Database, built in Oasis, allows administrators to manage and make changes themselves without requesting help. We have built an application that has a simple workflow which is very easy to train other users on. Performance issues have been addressed and the new solution runs smoothly and effectively. By integrating the new system with SWPH’s Active Directory, the Program Planning Database is automatically up to date and linking to the correct team members without any additional administrative work. Overall, the SWPH team now have a database that can perform tasks smoother, faster, and easier with the ability to make necessary changes to their solution without the assistance of support.

SWPH Program Planning Database Concept Art image shadow

Sandbox Software has built dozens of software solutions to deliver custom functionality in a system that is not available in a commercial or off-the-shelf solution.

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Looking for a flexible, easy-to-use, and manageable alternative to Drupal, Sandbox identified the Oasis CMS as the perfect fit for this project.

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