Rexdale Community Health Centre delivers integrated, coordinated clinical services through a team of physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, dietitians, social workers, a physiotherapist and a chiropodist. In order to better serve their community Rexdale CHC needed to redevelop their aged and undermaintained website.


  • Redevelop the new website using a responsive design
  • Present critical information in an efficient and easy-to-find manner that is quickly and easily updated
  • Implement a bilingual and accessible website that meets or exceeds standards in the Web Content Accessibility Guide


Sandbox was thrilled to partner with Rexdale CHC once again to modernize and enhance their website. Our custom user-centric design provides an intuitive user experience for Rexdale’s diverse stakeholder group. The bilingual site allows visitors to toggle between English and French content and select their font size preference. The continued use of the OASIS content management system allows website administrators to edit and maintain their pages with ease as well as add new content, events, and media.


The new Rexdale CHC website provides a clean, professional, and user-friendly interface. The accessible and responsive website also allows staff to quickly update content on the site, including program information, events, news, and videos. Behind the OASIS website is a secure portal that helps staff rapidly access valuable information, documents, and forms.

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"It was my pleasure to work with Sandbox through all phases of this project. Their hard work, patience and technical knowledge was greatly appreciated. Staff are loving the new site and portal."

— Jose Garcia, Data Management Coordinator, Rexdale Community Health Centre

Rexdale continues to use the OASIS CMS for their new website. Ease-of-use, a powerful site search, and having the same CMS for both their website and secured portals are just some of the reasons Rexdale CHC loves OASIS.

> OASIS Content Management System

As part of the redevelopment project Sandbox built a secure portal, accessible from the homepage of the new website. This portal allows staff members to access additional health care resources, policies and other supporting materials.

> Portals & Intranets

Sandbox redeveloped the new Rexdale website with added bilingual functionality. is now available in both English and French.

> Website Design & Development