Previously, the Infectious Disease Handbook (IDH), comprised of published documents and other supporting research resources, resided on an HHS internal network. The system was difficult to access, slow to load, and had a poor search functionality. These barriers coupled with a lack of awareness of the handbook itself amongst hospital staff saw other sources such as Google and WebMD used to obtain information that already existed in the IDH.

In the Fall of 2018, Mohawk College students in the Business Analysis program conducted interviews, surveys and focus groups with HHS staff, residents and students to gather their current opinions on the IDH and determine an appropriate course of action to increase uptake and usability of the tool. Upon completion of their research, Mohawk College students created a web application prototype that effectively stored the IDH documentation and allowed users easy access to information they require.

A a trusted and existing web partner, HHS approached Sandbox to deliver a professionally built, operational web based IDH.

  • Use the WordPress CMS to build a web-based version of the Infectious Disease Handbook
  • Migrate and covert existing IDH resources from PDFs to accessible web pages
  • Leverage existing design elements from the main HHS website to ensure the IDH is reflected as an HHS web property


Sandbox converted the existing documentation of the Infectious Disease Handbook (IDH) into web pages. In doing so Sandbox created WordPress website that was easy for users to access and search. It allowed enables administrators to update and maintain the Infectious Disease Handbook through the use of a Content Management System. Content categorization and tags were used to improve the searchability of information available on the new IDH. A third party dosage calculator was also integrated with the new site, allowing medical staff to determine the correct dosages of specific treatments.


The previous IDH was difficult to access, slow to load, and comprised hundreds of PDFs that users had to navigate through in order to find their desired information. Sandbox converted and migrated the majority of PFD resources into searchable pages a website. Healthcare staff can now easily navigate to the IDH from their work or personal device (including mobile and tablets). The WordPress website allows admins to not only update and add new content, resources and pages with the click of a few buttons. It also enables them to easily update medical resources as new research and findings are issued.

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