I’m Ready to Know is a national program whose mission is to end HIV in Canada by providing low-barrier access to self-testing and connections to care.

To support I’m Ready app users when placing orders for HIV Self-Test Kits, I’m Ready to Know partnered with Sandbox Software to build a web-based order form and web application. Through this partnership, I’m Ready to Know can realize their vision of providing everyone in Canada access to HIV testing and support.

  • Create a custom, responsive website with a clean and modern design
  • Ensure a seamless experience for users across multiple devices and browsers through a responsive design
  • Provide a secure link from the informational website to the secure app for ordering a kit


The web-based order form created by Sandbox offered many different functionalities. Variables posted to the webpage are able to be analysed in order to pull the user's unique ID. The form has been optimized to collect the minimum amount of information required to successfully deliver kits to the user. The form also limits the user’s order to no more than 3 kits in total, by querying the database to confirm past order amounts based on the user’s unique ID. The web-based form validates data where appropriate and prompts a warning message when an error is detected. Once the forms are submitted, the user is presented with a message indicating when they will receive their test kits. Sandbox Software also built a web application that connects with the app. This application prompts the user for an access code, and generates a CSV export format, based on date ranges selected by the admin user.


The new custom web-based order form and web application developed in the WordPress CMS allows I’m Ready to Know to accomplish their goal of providing Canadians with a discreet method to access HIV testing and support.

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With a preference for an open source content management system, I'm Ready selected WordPress. The CMS allows different areas of the website to be easily updated by users with different permissions.

> WordPress Development

The new website was created to be compatible with the I'm Ready App. In order to ensure compatibility, Sandbox rigorously tested so that users can access the site from a wide variety of devices and browsers.

> Website Design & Development