To effectively service the vibrant and growing city of 250,000 residents, the City of Kitchener employs nearly 3,000 team members. These employees work under one of several departments including corporate services, community services, development services, financial services and infrastructures. These employees are dispersed, working at several different facilities across the city. Keeping all employees well informed, engaged and feeling like a part of a broader work family were all critical drivers behind the redevelopment of the city’s corporate intranet site.

  • Provide a secured intranet that supports staff collaboration and enhances communication
  • Provide searchable and quick access to policies, procedures and other documents
  • Enable department-specific pages that provide dedicated information and tools to particular users, roles, and departments.


In developing this Intranet site, Sandbox Software engaged in a number of requirements gathering and analysis activities including stakeholder interviews, department interviews, and an interactive advisory board session. Compiling the results and using Sandbox’s knowledge and best practices, Sandbox returned with recommendations for information architecture, site maps, wireframes, and creative design. The site was then built in the OASIS Content Management System, and key team members at the City were trained on how to maintain their new Intranet site.


The new City of Kitchener intranet ("KHub") boasts community building features such as chatter, badging and feedback tools that help staff connect and build rapport. An employee directory links to personal staff profiles, and there is even a buy and sell classified system. KHub is the City's custom-built intranet that acts as an information distribution and collection solution, fosters employee engagement and gives staff seamless access to a range of third-party platforms and tools.

Sandbox met with many staff members and various departments at the City of Kitchener in order to gather input on the new intranet.

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The OASIS CMS was originally built as an intranet solution over 10 years ago. With strong security, powerful pre-built modules, and an intuitive publishing experience, OASIS was an ideal solution for the City's intranet

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Sandbox has built dozens of intranets and secured portals for clients who need to restrict access to materials, advance employee engagement and collaboration, and integrate with other third party platforms.

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