Canadian Health Care Agency supports the recruiting, training and retention of Nurses who work in Northern Canada. The company’s website plays a crucial role in the promotion of the business. Previously, CHCA had been using a third-party software-as-a-service to manage their nurses and assignments. The tool had limited reporting capabilities, inability to send targeted communications, and did not meet the organizational needs of matching nurses to contract assignments and certification renewal notifications, or enable granularity around permissions/access.

  • Enhance mobile user experience
  • Provide a more intuitive and simplified application process
  • Ensure AODA and W3C accessibility standards are met


Sandbox helped the CHCA redevelop their website, helping to streamline content and provide a more user-friendly experience for its audience. We developed an easier to use Online Application process for Nurses which requires them to provide administrative, reference, requirement, and labour related information. The data collected is then stored in a database (for easy access at any time) and emailed to the appropriate staff at CHCA. Site administrators now have the ability to export all data collected from the submitted forms to a file which can be opened in Excel. Sandbox also redeveloped the online booking tool, allowing Nurses to now browse available courses, schedule their own course, and pay for the course online. We also built a secured extranet for the Nurses who, once logged in, can access documents, forms, and other necessary resources.


The new Canadian Health Care Agency Nurse Management system features a custom designed User Interface intended to make data entry, reporting and analysis intuitive and efficient. Generated reports are now exportable for further offline analysis.

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By using OASIS, web administrators at CHCA are easily able to update and maintain their website and content through the use of the front-end content management system.

> OASIS Content Management System

Sandbox created a custom, responsive design for the new website. We focus on user-centric designs that are mobile-friendly and align with our clients' brand.

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The new CHCA website contains a dedicated portal for nursing staff where they can access organizational documents and resources.

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