The Canadian Critical Care Trials Group (CCCTG) is a national hub created to improve critical patient care through research conducted by registered members of the group. CCCTG approached Sandbox with the need for a new website design, trials/study database, publications repository, and secured members’ portal.

  • Redesign the website in a flexible, easy-to-use and secure Content Management System
  • Develop an easy-to-navigate database of active Trials and Studies
  • Engage members through a secured member registration and portal platform
  • Offer users the option to use the site in French or English


After engaging with the CCCTG project team and registered members through an engaging discovery process, Sandbox presented detailed recommendations for the new site including a site map, wireframes, and key functional definitions. An iterative design process was used to ensure CCCTG achieved the branded and modern new look they sought. It was decided that Sandbox’s proprietary Oasis CMS was to be used for the project. Oasis allows easy maintenance for sites with robust publication archives, and supports engagement features for secured communities out-of-the-box. Together, CCCTG and Sandbox built out the website based on the recommendations and designs established. Sandbox also migrated trial/study data from the old database to the new improved solution. A thorough quality assurance process was executed, and the new site successfully launched as planned.


The redesigned CCCTG website is easy-to-navigate for public visitors, and provides easy access to member-supporting features for CCCTG’s membership. Visitors can also choose to use the site in English or French. The new Trials and Studies data is more accessible and supports advanced search and filtering, as does the publications library. In addition to online membership renewals (payment) and the Intranet features, CCCTG also communicates with members through an events page and integrated Mailchimp subscription services.

Canadian Critical Care Trials Group website homepage. image shadow

The Oasis CMS was the ideal choice for this project because of its secure set of member collaboration tools.

> Oasis Web Development

Members have the ability to pay for their membership online.

> Portals & Intranets

A strategic approach was mapped out to quickly find clinical trials and research papers including search and filtering capabilities.

> Strategic Recommendations