In 2015 Sandbox partnered with Natural Chemistry, one of North America’s largest manufacturers of water care chemicals, offering dozens of consumer and commercial pool and spa products. To provide an exceptional competitive advantage, the company envisioned producing their own water quality testing software (to work with major water testing hardware). The intention was not only to generate test results for water samples in pool dealerships, but to generate useful information for consumers on how to interpret the information, how to treat their water conditions and which Natural Chemistry products would help to meet those needs.

  • Create a custom software platform capable of interpreting raw data from water testing hardware
  • Generate product recommendations based on water test results
  • Develop a secured portal where dealers can update their information, including company and customer details, generate reports and administer email marketing campaigns


To provide digital strategy, design and development services for this project, Natural Chemistry chose to partner with Sandbox Software. The new tool, known as BluePrint, runs a series of algorithms against more than a dozen water quality indicators (such as hardness and alkalinity) to identify water quality concerns. The system then takes those results, compares them against data lookup tables and computes recommendations and a treatment plan for the customer. This information is then printed to an educational sheet which provides test results, considerations and treatment plans which are easy-to-read and graphically appealing. Consumers can then take their recommendations sheet to select the product and quantities they require to best treat their pool or spa.


Today, BluePrint is used throughout Canada by pool and spa water treatment dealers. The custom built software allows dealers to recommend products to their clients based on the detailed information generated from their water sample tests. So whether it's algae treatment, sanitization or a PH balancer, BluePrint helps clients understand what their water needs.

BluePrint dashboard image shadow

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