Baptist Housing is a not-for-profit organization in British Columbia that offers senior residences, independent living, assisted living, and residential care, across 18 separate locations, all with a focus on holistic health. Suites are both subsidized and privately funded depending on the facility.

In 2012, Baptist Housing invested in a SharePoint Intranet solution with the intention of streamlining communications across the organization and centralizing all documents, policies, procedures and resources to support staff. However, the solution built was never adopted by Baptist Housing staff. SharePoint provided an overly complex solution that staff found difficult to use. The site was plagued with bugs, privilege management issues, and poor search capability. A lack of training meant the Baptist Housing team needed regular support from an external party. As a result, some teams within Baptist Housing moved forward in developing their own internal microsites using tools like WordPress. With a growing portfolio and over 1,000 team members, Baptist Housing was in significant need of a consolidated and effective Intranet site to engage staff.

  • Create a flexible and robust Intranet site to support 1000+ team members in their daily work across 18 separate locations
  • Allow team members to obtain organizational news and messaging, policies, documentation and digital tools
  • Limit access to certain areas through permissions for targeted audiences


Using our engaging requirements gathering and analysis activities, Sandbox gained a thorough understanding of Baptist Housing’s pain points and what their stakeholders needed for a successful solution. Compiling the results and using Sandbox’s knowledge and best practices, Sandbox returned with recommendations for information architecture, site maps, wireframes, and creative design. Leveraging our modified, agile web development methodology and proprietary CMS, OASIS, Sandbox Software designed and developed an effective and highly utilized internal collaboration solution, MyBH.


MyBH not only streamlines access to core documentation and policies but is now the central hub for accessing a collection of online learning resources in order to support onboarding and clinical team member re-certification. The site features individual profiles, microblogging, residence and departmental pages, events, news, document management and other tools to support Baptist Housing team members in completing their work. MyBH also reinforces and builds upon the culture and community of Baptist Housing which spans 18 physical locations.

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"Sandbox excels at explaining complex concepts to non-technical staff, have superb problem-solving skills and show an uncanny ability to foresee a potential problem and prevent unexpected hurdles from delaying the project’s implementation."

— Khiat Kurniawan, Director of Information Technology, Baptist Housing

Sandbox provided training services to dozens of MyBH team members to ensure a successful transition to their new intranet. Within an hour staff were comfortable creating and editing new pages and content, applying permissions, adding users and more.

> Website Design & Development

Sandbox Software has worked with dozens of clients across a wide range of organizations in advising on and implementing their Intranets. We used our experience with Intranets and the healthcare sector to ensure the Baptist Housing team were equipped with solution that was secure, easy to use and provided staff with immediate access to the tools and resources they need on a daily basis.

> Portals and Intranets

The OASIS CMS was originally developed as an Intranet, so many of its original and out-of-the-box features include tools for social engagement and internal collaboration such as discussion forums, polls and surveys and even a buy and sell board.

> OASIS Content Management System