BA Group provides transportation planning and engineering services to public and private organizations. Their focus is on sustainable urban land development and the legal, functional, social, and economic implications of various transportation systems.

In 2014 BA Group was maintaining a SharePoint 2003 corporate Intranet site. It was originally set up to be the official central hub for all corporate messaging, news, policies and information for BA Group employees. However, over the years neither the technology nor the look and feel of the site has been updated significantly. Dated and irrelevant content and documents could be found on the site and, as such, employee confidence in the materials they were reviewing was reduced.

  • Bring a modern look to the Intranet site that is based on the current corporate brand
  • Introduce features which engage employees on a regular basis
  • Replace overly an complicated SharePoint site with a CMS that is easier to use and tailored to the needs of organizations


Sandbox redeveloped the BA Group Intranet using the OASIS CMS. As part of the project Sandbox introduced OASIS out-of-the-box features like the calendar, blog, poll, survey, forum and media gallery modules. OASIS' powerful web-based file system makes document and resource management for BA staff easy, and is further supported by our search capability that extends to files as well as site content. OASIS is easy to use, so even smaller organizations can benefit from the powerful intranet features, yet maintain the site with little to no technical expertise or IT support.


BA Group's new OASIS intranet has improved their staff's user experience and enhanced approaches to accessing general resources. The new intranet is easy to use and has been custom built to suit the exact needs of the organization. Staff collaboration and engagement has been increased through the use of digital employee recognition badges, and an employee micro-blog enables staff to post their own news or suggestions for improvements.

“The team was very impressed with Sandbox’s work as they added features that were above and beyond what was expected.”

— Sheila Muir, BA Group

Sandbox has built dozens of intranets for clients seeking to foster employee engagement and improve internal resource and document management.

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BA Group wanted a CMS that was tailored to their business, but simple to maintain for a small team with no technical support. OASIS was the answer.

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BA Group loved that Sandbox was not only able to provide deliver the custom product they wanted, but also gave recommendations on additional features that would help them achieve their goals.

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