ALS Global is a metallurgical support company with a global presence.  It provides services to mining companies through the provision of sample testing solutions that generate information valuable to mining property owners. Previously, the Canadian division of ALS Global has used a custom software solution to manage its business processes.  The software, which was developed in ASP, was in urgent need of a number of additional features, enhancements and technical upgrades to work with the latest web browsing technologies.

  • Develop a custom Enterprise Management Software System
  • Allow staff to log time against various projects and tasks
  • Manage, store and report on all information pertaining to the company's workflow


Sandbox was selected to partner with ALS Global to redevelop its enterprise management software. The custom web-based application was built to manage, store and report on information related to the company’s workflow (including inventory management and sample test results), quotations, invoicing, employee time allocation to projects, and employee holidays.


The redeveloped enterprise management system allows ALS Global to take advantage of the latest online technologies. New enhancements and a dramatically improved user experience have increased efficiency of employees using the software and has significantly reduced manual entry of data. The software’s success has been closely monitored by other divisions within ALS Global and has been implemented in some other groups.