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World Vision - GTRN


World Vision International - Global Technical Resource Network
Custom Software Development


As a global Christian relief, development and advocacy organization, World Vision International has thousands of technical experts who are available for deployment around the world. The organization required improved means of managing the validation of technical experts and the matching of those experts to the need for resources in the field.

The Project

Sandbox Software Solutions was selected to partner with World Vision International to design and develop a web-based system to manage their technical experts, the validation of those experts and the matching of experts to fulfill project-resourcing opportunities based on expert skill sets and availability.


The system known as the Global Technical Resource Network was deployed in 2010 and is used by hundreds of World Vision employees around the world. It has helped bring visibility of expertise to the World Vision community and has streamlined the validation process of subject matter experts. It also has provided for the systematic, efficient and strategic matching of experts to programs, has allowed for better investment decisions while enhancing program quality and effectiveness, and has provided powerful reporting tools to the organization.