Our Project Management Approach,

Here's How We Get You To Your Destination

Sandbox Software Solutions has a successful track record of ensuring projects are completed as promised and to the clients’ expectations. This is done through a well-defined project management approach which is crucial to the success of projects, particularly those with aggressive timelines.

Project Planning

Before any project is turned over to developers, (a) Sandbox strategist(s) develop(s) a plan that outlines how and when both Sandbox Software and the client will achieve and act on deliverables. We develop a Project Plan that outlines key members of the development team, tasks required to complete the project and resource assignment, milestones and potential risks to the project.

An Account Manager is typically assigned to oversee your project and act as your primary contact regarding the status of your project.

We also identify all content that will be required from you, and attach appropriate milestones to the delivery of this content in a Content Delivery Plan.

The Kick-off Meeting

When requirements are finalized and a plan designed, a project kick-off meeting is held to review the project scope, requirements and the plan with all stakeholders involved.  This ensures everyone on the team has a thorough understanding of what is expected of them and understands the complete scope.  

Depending on the project, this meeting could precede the development of a Solution Overview and/or a Project Plan.

Managing the Project

Developers report on a daily basis about their progress in order to ensure that project risks are managed and that milestones are met as planned.  This is supported by our project management software tool (FogBugz) that also ensures that members of our team understand their responsibilities, timelines and dependencies. 

To keep client stakeholders aware of their project status, Sandbox Software issues bi-weekly Project Status Reports specifying potential risks to the schedule or budget, items completed in the previous two weeks, items to be completed in the following two weeks, items that are required by the client over the next two weeks and general comments or notes. 

In addition, Sandbox Software corresponds regularly with the project sponsor(s) by phone and email.  We’ll also ask questions throughout the process to ensure the project is moving in the right direction.

Post-Project Review

Sandbox Software is continuously looking at means to improve its processes and the quality of service provided to our clients. At the completion of every project, Sandbox Software invites a post-project review meeting with the client to discuss what worked well and where improvements could be made. In addition, Sandbox Software delivers a post-project Client Satisfaction Survey to the Project Sponsor to obtain feedback on his/her experience. Sandbox Software values this input and uses it to improve business processes and client relations.