Intellectual Property,

Who Owns What?

In the deliverables from a digital project, it is important to clarify the intellectual property rights held by parties to any contractual agreement.

For Websites:

As you should expect, all content, including text, graphics, photos and video, which is provided by the client, is owned by the client. All designs created for the client also become the property of the client, and are therefore portable.

When a website is built in the OASIS web CMS, which is our usual practice, and regardless of whether something was custom created (or customized from our standard performing elements) for you, all functional components, including software, and the accompanying documentation is owned by Sandbox Software Solutions Inc. and is protected by Canadian copyright laws and international treaty provisions. You may not modify, disassemble, decompile or reverse engineer any functional components or documentation, except as consented to in writing by Sandbox Software Solutions Inc. You may not sublicense, assign or transfer your license to the software, or any functional component within the software. This license will automatically terminate if you transfer possession of any copy of the software or any functional component within the software to any other party.

For Custom Software and Mobile Applications:

For custom software projects, intellectual property can be influenced by the use of proprietary and pre-existing software libraries, created either by Sandbox Software Solutions or by other providers/vendors (i.e., sublicensed to Sandbox). For this reason, it is important that you clarify your needs for complete ownership of software product during discussions before a contract is signed, since it is common for Sandbox to make efforts to control project price and timing by leveraging its own and others' technologies.

Options are available for full and outright ownership of a software product, and for provision, by Sandbox and its suppliers, of license to technologies which are the intellectual property of those organizations.

For Digital Strategy:

Digital strategy, excluding any web or software product, is provided as a service to clients and, on delivery and payment in full for these services, becomes the intellectual property of the client. Tools used to support the development of digital strategy may be copyright by Sandbox Software Solutions (or licensed from other vendors); stipulations concerning the re-use of said tools will be made before agreement to contracts (but typically limit re-use only within the organization and for the specific purposes for which license was granted.)