Our Customer Service Commitments,

Our Customer Service Charter

Through every encounter with a client, potential client and within our own team, we demonstrate our character, competence, expertise, consistency, clarity, integrity, efficiency, responsiveness and positive motives.  Every such encounter is a test of whether we are honest, fair, pulling in the right direction, and passionate about our contributions to society. Sandbox Software Solutions is committed to providing  effortless experiences to our clients, potential clients and within our own team.

The Sandbox team lives its commitment by:

  • Delivering a personalized experience to all who approach us
  • Delivering a consistently high level of service to all of our (potential) clients
  • Conducting our business in a fair and reasonable manner which does not compromise integrity or transparency
  • Self-checking our work against the standard “Is this our best work?”
  • Ensuring confidentiality and privacy is respected at all times
  • Providing great service within our own walls (i.e., to our Sandbox colleagues)
  • Factoring these charter expressions into our hiring, training and internal advancement process

We strive to:

  • Respond to all inquiries during business hours within 4 hours
  • Anticipate next steps, and pro-actively address to avoid next calls
  • Work to eliminate run-arounds, escalations, and transfer through multiple people
  • Effectively keep clients informed
  • Achieve highest quality outcomes for fair client investments

Even though escalations of customer service issues should be rare, if we fail to deliver on our Customer Service Charter, we commit ourselves to finding win/win solutions promptly and graciously.