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Rogers Cable Communications
Business Service Delivery Portal



When it comes to telecommunications, Rogers Cable Communications Inc. is a familiar and well respected name in Canada. Over 300 Business Service Delivery (BSD) employees handle voice and data implementations, troubleshooting, customization and accounting inquiries for Rogers’ business customers. However, dated intranet sites took a toll on the department’s productivity and efficiency levels.


In collaboration with Rogers, Sprocket Communications and Grand Designs, Sandbox Software Solutions was responsible for developing the new Intranet site for these BSD employees, with a focus on streamlining processes, improving management delivery and knowledge sharing, and integrating the BSD site with other Rogers sites.

INTRATUITIVE, Sandbox Software’s proprietary Content Management System, was an ideal fit for the technological backbone of the new site because it provides both powerful and flexible content managed features and document management controls.


Working together, Rogers and the implementation teams successfully launched the new BSD department Intranet site on time and on budget.

Corporate Headquarters: Toronto