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Maritz Canada is one of Canada’s leading sales and marketing agencies, with expertise in customer experience, consumer loyalty and engagement marketing. The company had a time-consuming and inconsistent process for opportunity and quoting management. Maritz invested in a software solution that would enable their people to simplify the opportunity management and quoting process, while supporting better corporate records management.

The Project

Maritz Canada partnered with Sandbox Software Solutions to develop a web-based tool that assists the company’s employees in the creation, management and review of sales opportunities and quotations. This solution brings consistency across the company to the quoting process, implementing guided dialogue with users through a wizard-like and intuitive interface. Standard and unit pricing is available through the system, and can be changed as prices are adjusted or overridden with managerial authority. 

The Opportunity Management System supports employees in opportunity/quoting workflow through automated email correspondences and systematic approval processes. The Opportunity Management System was developed as a secure web-based application built in .NET/C#. All data collected is stored in a SQL Server database with the exception of digital documentation that is stored in linked SharePoint libraries.


The Maritz Opportunity Management System has enabled the staff of Maritz Canada to easily and promptly complete the opportunity/quoting process from start to finish. Technical and support employees can  now easily contribute to a community-generated quoting effort, while opportunity ownership is clear. Employee productivity is enhanced through features like the cloning of quotes, a systematic workflow and automated reminders. Greater accuracy in estimating and more rapid delivery of quotations to clients and potential clients are also benefits of this solution.

Canadian Office: Mississauga