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Manulife Financial - Synergy
App Development & Website Development 


Manulife Financial was preparing to launch a new insurance solution, Synergy. Synergy combines life, disability and critical illness insurance into a single policy at an affordable rate for those who qualify. In order to promote the new product, the company commissioned the design and implementation of a new product micro site and accompanying iPad App through Hagon Design, who partnered with Sandbox Software Solutions for technical implementation.

The Project

The Synergy micro site was designed with a focus on lifestyle and ease of use. This bilingual site features a number of online tools to calculate an individual’s risk associated with death or disability and the amount of coverage one requires to protect his/her family in the event of a tragedy. The website, which was built in the INTRATUITIVE Content Management System, also features a promotional video produced by Hagon Design. The accompanying iPad App features a similar creative approach to the website, incorporating messaging, video, and the risk and coverage calculators.


The iPad app is available on the App Store for download by the public. However it is primarily used by Sales Agents who use the App to showcase Synergy and assist potential clients in determining their coverage needs.


Corporate Head Office: Toronto