Case Swarm
Custom Software Development


One of the persistent issues of formal adult learning – whether the training program is delivered online, through small group face to face interactions, or even coaching – is ensuring that the knowledge that is communicated is translated to real action. Learners can require support to extend from knowledge conveyed in a program to application in the usual range of real-world scenarios that they might face. To address these issues, Guiding Star Communications and Consulting has introduced a novel web platform, Case Swarm.


Sandbox Software partnered with Guiding Star Communications and Consulting to develop a software-as- a-service (SaaS) web portal that leverages a novel structured approach to case study exploration and resolution developed by Guiding Star. The platform includes a comprehensive and customized approach to facilitate workgroup sign-up and payment processing, case study exploration via a series of standardized and customizable questions that can be configured by organization administrators, abilities to rank and rate the contributions of Swarm members, and a comprehensive output report, as PDF, that is available after case exploration to participating learners.


Case Swarm, with its customizable yet structured approach to case study exploration, supports the application of knowledge acquired during formal e-learning or training programs to the tricky scenarios of work. With relevance to a broad range of verticals and industries, abilities to customize experience and question flow in a user-friendly interface, and its encouragement of deep and application-type thinking, Case Swarm is a powerful addition to the modern toolset for learning reinforcement and follow-up. 


Business Location: Kitchener, Ontario