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Give A Hand is a not-for-profit organization aimed at helping organizations and people within any community receive help from volunteers. This no-cost system allows not-for-profit organizations and community groups to post volunteer opportunities online, outlining their needs (for a specific date or ongoing), and allows volunteers to review and apply to help.



The GiveAHand system was developed and created through a partnership between the Regional Synod of Canada, Reformed Church in America and Sandbox Software Solutions. When Rev. John Kapteyn asked for assistance in creating a robust web tool that could address real societal needs, Sandbox Software rose to the challenge. The custom-built system allows community members to sign up to be of assistance, and sends email notifications to its partners advising of the needs and/or volunteer opportunities that are coming up within their community. This system is aimed at attracting and supplying volunteers to organizations and individuals in need.



This system truly helps give back to the community at large, as it fosters and supports involvement from all age groups, from the young to seniors. Individuals and a broad range of organizations in Canada and the United States, including churches, schools, community groups, service clubs and businesses, will find the GiveAHand web tool useful and enjoyable. Sandbox Software completed this project as a way to take an active part in helping those in need in our community, and across the country.