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FXCSI - Transaction Cost Analysis Software
Custom Software Development


Foreign eXchange Consulting Services International provides self-catered, third-party, unaffiliated foreign exchange transaction cost analysis. Clients include pension funds, custodians, fund managers and corporations selling and purchasing foreign currency. A unique offering of FXCSI’s business, is a software product which generates automated transaction cost analysis reports, to assist clients in monitoring the performance or compliance of their FX transactions.


FXCSI partnered with Sandbox Software Solutions to implement an ambitious, industry-leading foreign exchange cost analysis system which allows clients to generate their own TCA reports quickly and easily. In order to provide rapid, accurate and unbiased TCA reports, the software compares the client’s FX transactions against a database of baseline transaction amounts generated from millions of daily FX data points provided by leading and independent foreign exchange rate researchers and data providers.



The FXCSI Trade Analysis software provides extremely flexible and detailed Spot FX Transaction Cost Analysis reports which support more than 50 currency pairs. Reports are conveniently translated to a base currency of the client’s choosing and provide accurate and unbiased TCA amounts, TCA percentages, and detailed flow summaries for the client’s chosen reporting period.