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Balnar Management is a family-run professional management group dedicated to providing great rental homes (as apartments and townhouses) in Ontario’s Waterloo and Wellington counties.  Visibility – or renters seeing information about Balnar properties – is critical to driving property visits; and property visits, coupled with meetings with Balnar’s friendly staff, are key to formulating rental agreements.   Balnar Management faces stiff competition for share of visibility with a number of other similar businesses, many of which are larger and with penetration in a wider range of markets.  The Sandbox team was called upon to provide a comprehensive framework for Balnar’s web presence, with a mandate to make Balnar Management the premiere web-enabled business in its market space in Ontario.


The Project:

Balnar Management and Sandbox Software collaborated to develop web strategy, guest experience strategy and tools, and a rich website that supports potential renters in their quest for new homes.  Sandbox's strategic engagement led to the development of renter personas, and to the development of an approach to helping renters self-identify their personas at the website to facilitate a better personalized web experience.  Sandbox's advice also extended to search engine optimization and social media activities, which are increasingly driving new web traffic in the property rental space.  In addition, Sandbox developed a novel “Go See” property list that potential renters may use to select the most appealing property set from a collection of properties, and leverage a printable listing to facilitate their visit arrangements.   This site was built using INTRATUITIVE, Sandbox’s easy to use web content management system (CMS), with several custom components crafted to support property information delivery and rental availability information updates by property managers. 



The new website allows visitors to find properties suited to their persona, enables in-depth review of property information, and enables all of this on both standard and mobile devices.  For walk-in visitors to any Balnar property, access to the property fact sheet through posted plaques with scannable QR codes greatly simplifies information delivery.  Site visitors can access and download property fact sheets, and use a unique “Go See” property list feature to identify all relevant Balnar properties in their search.  The site enjoys better on-site search engine optimization, with controls for Balnar staff to manage this.  The site also includes a full digital rental application form, which generates the appropriate documentation for relevant staff at Balnar Management.  In summary, the new Balnar Management web platform is a web-savvy renter’s dream – thinking of virtually all features that would be required to support the complete journey to a new home.

Business Locations: Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Fergus