The Case for Custom Software

What would it feel like to resolve your business process challenges in simple ways that get you what you want in the exact ways that work for you?

Think about it. Have you ever gotten good advice from someone who knows exactly how you can overcome your most troubling business process challenges?

The realities of day-to-day business can make it hard to focus on the real growth opportunities. And when business process challenges rear their ugliness – well, it’s mighty hard to move forward.  

Think you’re alone?  Our clients tell us about common pains that are a drag on business, that bog people down with makeshift systems that barely get the job done and often come with their own sets of troubles.  Pains like knowledge management, inventory control, client tracking, internal communications amongst employees (and work teams and management), and poor customer follow-up/service keep all of us struggling to win market share, create value, and plan for futures bright with opportunity.


Why Should There Be A Sandbox in Your Future?

You might not have even thought about calling in a technology firm to help put your business process pains to bed.  And if you have, we know you’ve got options.

But simply put, we think you should do business with Sandbox Software Solutions for four reasons:

  1. Unique Solutions
    We know that every business is different. You bring to your different markets and customers something unique.  And the business process challenges that get in the way of efficiency – whether they relate to knowledge management, process control, or communications – are also unique.  Our strength in building software for organizations large and small is that each solution is CUSTOM – built to your standards to address your greatest pains and needs.
  2. Track Record of Success
    We have worked on hundreds of successful technology projects with an array of clients across a variety of sectors. Our customized solutions have unleashed internal communications, opened up sales funnels, enabled channel sellers, provided oversight to customizable marketing materials, tracked inventory, supported people through learning/training processes, shed light into business process performance, and monitored critical investment data.  And we deliver solutions on time and on budget.
  3. Comprehensive Advice
    Unless you are a geek, software development may seem like a black box.  But our people have a particular gift for hearing your needs and giving you comprehensive advice in language you can understand!  We integrate all aspects of software development – from strategic purpose and requirements gathering, user experience and design, internal marketing, and ongoing maintenance – because that’s what’s truly important to our clients. And we talk straight about it!
  4. Problem – not Symptom - Resolution
    When you turn to a technology firm, you are looking for a resolution to a business problem – whether it is a poorly-performing website or a process that can be made efficient through technology.  Our small business has endured because we relentlessly seek to understand your core needs and the underlying problems these reflect.  We’ll leave symptom management to the medical profession – all our focus is on getting to the bottom of your problem.  And if we aren’t the right folks to help you, we’ll tell you (yes, we’re that honest!).


The Fine Print

  • We are people with strong customer service skills.  A written customer service charter guides our actions.
  • We have high project success rates and outcomes that work.
  • We NEVER outsource development.  All of the work is done locally, in our Canadian offices in Guelph and Halifax, to ensure quality and timeliness.
  • We offer best practices proven through practical experience. We have solid internal procedures to ensure the best results for every project – big or small. 
  • We have focused projects in many different realms, so our work varies from day to day.