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Custom software solutions – sometimes also called databases, web programs or even web apps - are crafted by software developers to meet needs identified in your organization. These solutions are built to your specific requirements and are designed to comply with your processes. They are developed from scratch, or leverage pre-existing frameworks available to the developers. No two custom software solutions are the same (or they would be a product!).

Custom software typically solves a business process challenge or problem unique to an organization. You might commission it when you need a specific output that your current software system is unable to produce. Or you might commission it when you need the collaboration power afforded by the web to enable specific outputs.

It can also be the outcome of an idea being developed into a unique product. In this context, it can be used to gain operational advantages over competitors, to undertake a new business activity, to better serve your customers, or be brought to market because it meets the needs of a wide audience.

Custom software can also tighten up integration between existing software tools, acting as intermediary between off-the-shelf solutions and diverse data formats. When a custom software solution is created, loss of data can be minimized and information distribution can be automated through channels including email, intra/extranet document repositories, and desktop push / RSS technologies.

When you have exhausted your options in the market, and found nothing for purchase that does exactly what you need, it’s time for a custom software solution.



The Sandbox Software custom software development team excels at producing  solutions that meet your exacting standards for performance and reliability. Our work begins with a comprehensive discover process and the development of a Solution Overview, which includes project functionality requirements and a methodological approach to developing your solution. Our team typically uses a modified Agile methodology in the development of custom software, which provides both you and Sandbox with assured functionality completion in batches that are reviewed periodically. Our team creates a memorable and, importantly, an understandable experience across the development period, and supports you through all final testing of the software product.  We'll work with your IT team to support internal deployment, or, on your commission, take responsibility for setting up and managing software hosting. We deliver training and pledge to be on-time and on-budget. Our processes just work - and deliver results for you.

Custom software solutions that we have built match volunteers with opportunities, support organizational strategic and performance review, capture critical data about healthcare performance, monitor currency transactions, capture critical client data in employment support programs, audit freight and provide value-added support in retail commerce. 

Why Sandbox is a Fit For You:

Our talented team has the skill set and the track record of achievement that you can rely on. Here’s how we are a fit for you:

  • Quality code matters. Our team delivers well-architected and efficiently-coded solutions. Our code libraries, which we rely on in some projects, have been proven stable.
  • Transparent processes provide comfort. We keep you informed and engage you in review of your evolving software product over the life of a project.
  • Our track record is distinguished. Our clients get results – and they see them in the wallet and in employee morale improvements.