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Engaging and Effective Intranets and Portals

Intranets and Portals can be timely and costly to develop but critical to business success. More often than not, these systems quickly become dated and unused. Sandbox Software Solutions can help you take advantage of OASIS Content Management System for your next Intranet or Portal, and help ensure early adoption and ongoing engagement of the solution among its targeted audience.

Whether your focus is an internal group having difficulties sharing with and learning from each other, or an external group that deserves the chance to share and communicate with you and each other, an online community, an intranet, or a web portal should be on your radar as an intelligent solution that excites and inspires.

Our advanced portal and intranet platform, the OASIS web content management system, lends itself ideally to the creation of an intranet, web portal, or online community of practice. It's been put to the test, and succeeded. With rich features such as community forums, home page customization, polling and surveying, and resulting from a modular design that can be easily expanded by custom components, OASIS by Sandbox is an affordable solution on which to build an online community.

Why Sandbox is a Fit For You:

Our talented team has the skill set and the track record of achievement that you can rely on. Here’s how we are a fit for you:

  • Our team resides in Canada, and works from Canadian locations. You can actually meet us face to face - we just don’t believe in off-shoring work.
  • Our web portal ace-in-the-hole - the OASIS CMS - is incredibly powerful, secure yet easy to use. Drag and drop, granular permissions, brilliant interfaces, document versioning, social tools – not all web content management systems are created equal, so demo before you buy. 
  • Development environments make a difference. Our processes work – and keep you involved with total visualization of our progress throughout your project.
  • Our experience is diverse and deep. Our portals and intranets drive mission-critical systems, help people keep in touch, and are engines of idea generation.