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Software Development White Papers

Custom Software Development

It’s not you – sometimes, when speaking with software developers, it sounds like they just arrived from a different planet. And it is equally probable that their explanations of the custom software development process can fail to connect, in part because of the use of jargon/lingo and because of what seems like a highly technical slant on a highly technical process. In this Sandbox Software White Paper, strategist Todd Kasenberg, who is not a software programmer, shares insight gained from programmers and software architects in an accessible way to open up the black box of custom software development.

Why Custom Software?

Custom software – sometimes called programming, sometimes called a database – is crafted by software engineers to meet needs identified in your business. The term custom means that it is built to your exact specifications – dovetailing tightly with your processes and procedures. Commonly, efforts are made, in creating custom software, to build bridges with off-the-shelf software and to interface with other systems not yet ready for retirement. There are many common myths and reservations about custom software, and lots of confusion about why you would want it or when you would use it. In this Sandbox Software White Paper, strategist Todd Kasenberg tackles the myths associated with custom software and appropriately positions custom software solutions in supporting the work of organizations and businesses.

Intranet White Paper

Intranets - Still Relevant in 2016?

The question – Can organizational objectives really be facilitated by a dedicated intranet or web portal? We’ve gone through cycles of interest and disinterest in corporate intranets; many of the problems of corporate intranets that fail have their roots in failure to engage and inadequate search capabilities. In this Sandbox Software White Paper, strategist Todd Kasenberg explores how an intranet – intended to provide access to a range of tools that facilitate the work of the enterprise – can become rich and engaging zones that employee efficiency. Through simple strategic efforts like the development of clear goals and focusing on the work of the organization with obsession, and tactics like personalizing experience and connecting people with social tools to enable the work of the organization, intranets can be incredible investments in unleashing organizational progress.

Web Development White Papers

How to Choose a Web Developer

When you’ve decided to commit to a professional website build, you have the challenge of choosing amongst a number of competing digital agencies and website development shops, each seemingly talking about approaches to technology and customer service ethic. Sandbox Software strategist Todd Kasenberg spells out the top 11 tips for choosing a website developer.

Is Your Website Earning its Keep

A tool to help you establish whether or not your website is providing value to your organization.

A Guide to Blogging

Modern technologies allow each of us to become content editors, publishers, rebroadcasters or curators. Blogs should be perceived as part online journal, part pulpit, and part online “Letters to the Editor” service. They certainly begin with a point of view from the primary author – but done well, become a true social media, where others may contribute feedback, insight, or just plain disagree. Frequency, concise writing, and incorporation of multimedia can all help create a blog that is rich, inviting, and supporting web marketing goals on the web. This White Paper reviews the do’s and don’ts of blogging, including business blogging. Important tips include paying attention to your readers, and creating and adhering to policies that include not only frequency, but also tone and content.

Writing a Website Development RFP

Particularly if you expect that your new or next website is going to require an investment over $10,000, you might want to consider establishing a bidding process for vendors. To do this effectively, you will find value in preparing and circulating an engaging and informative Request for Proposals (or RFP). In this Sandbox Software White Paper, strategist Devin Gauthier – who has sat on both the preparing and receiving sides of RFP development – shares insight about what to include and exclude as you prepare a website development RFP.