Website Development,
Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I begin a website development project?

You can start right now; we give you the options of calling us toll-free at 866-929-7263 (connect with Sales and Marketing or New Projects), or reach out to us through the Contact Form at the Website.  We’ll work with you to identify your needs, helping you understand what features and functionalities are right for you.  And we’ll deliver a formal and detailed proposal, showing you that we’ve understood your needs and how we will get your project across the finish line.

How long will my website be on the Internet?

Your website will be available on the Internet for as long as you remain current with your hosting payments –whether through us or with an external host.

Please note that our usual and customary practice is to provide hosting service for websites created using the OASIS web content management system; our servers are optimized for its delivery. We offer flexible and affordable hosting packages.  Should you wish to arrange for hosting in another environment, you will be required to pay us for consulting associated with working with your hosting vendor to install OASIS and ensure that it is operating properly in that environment.

Are there per-user fees?

No. The prices for websites built by Sandbox Software are all-inclusive, subject to the specifications of services/solutions provided.

What types of payment do you accept? What are the payment terms?

Traditional works – we accept signed contracts as authorization to invoice you.  We also accept purchase orders, following them up with invoices.

We also accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, adjudicated through Paypal.

Our usual payment terms are simple – before work begins (i.e., on signing a contract or issuing a purchase order), we expect payment of 40% of the project value on approval of contract.  At milestones noted in your project plan, we expect payments of approximately 20%.  A final payment of 20% is due on launch of the website.

What will you need from me for my website?

We will need you to give us a little bit of insight into your business (including your branding), your products and services, and your competitors.  This will come out during an interview that we undertake with you, called Discovery.

We will give you a Project Plan which includes information about when you will need to deliver content (text, photos, videos) in order to keep your website project on time. 

You will need to give us clear feedback on your website design when we ask for it, and you will need to be involved in testing your website as its launch date nears.

How do I edit my website?

When you go with an OASIS or an e-Commerce website package with Sandbox, you will have access, online, to an administrative interface which will allow you to edit and update your website on a whim. Training will be provided during the launch period. Of course, if you wish, you can also contract for a maintenance plan, which would then entitle you to a full range of services, including website content editing, from Sandbox Software.

Can I upload my own images to my website?

Yes - in fact, we encourage it!

Can I get you to incorporate external Javascript or HTML widgets into my website?

Yes.  Please identify these during early discussions with our team, and we will be happy to help.

How do I promote my new website?

There are many ways to promote a website. 

You should consider tagging all of your marketing/sales materials with your website address.  Driving traffic to the site through conventional means is important.

The three things that the search engines like Google are looking for are:
1. Good Information - The more useful the information on your website is to people, the higher Google ranks your website;
2. Regular Updates  - If the information on your website is fresh and current, Google will give you a better rank; and
3. In-Links – Links from other websites to yours are viewed by Google as a vote of confidence for your website - and the higher the rank of the website linking to you, the more weight it has.

So you should consider making arrangements with web directories to have your website listed.  Often, they will provide this service for free.  You should also discuss with suppliers and/or business partners placing links to your site (and vice versa).  Typically, the more interconnected websites are, the better the search ranking.

Finally, consider a key words optimization strategy for the major search engines or social networking sites. 

I already have a web address; how do I give you access to it?

When you registered your web address, you were provided with login access to your registrar’s system.  If you provide us with that information, we can take it from there.

How do I register a web address?

You may either register a domain name yourself through online registrars, or you may let us do it for you for a small additional fee. 

When does my site go live on the Internet?

Your site goes live on the Internet when you have signed off on our Authorization Form, advising us that you have conducted suitable tests and are satisfied with the performance of the website.

Do I really need a website?

According to admittedly dated numbers from Statistics Canada, 84.3% of Canadians have access to the Internet, and 53.6% connect to the Internet through some sort of high speed service.  A whopping 48% connect to the Internet at least 3 times per day.

If your business is not on the Internet, you are going to be left behind.

My customers don’t use the Internet, so why would I need a website?

If potential customers who use the Internet can't find you there, they are now your competitors' customers.

My friend/family member can build a website for me for free – they are working on it now. Why should I pay for a website?

Have you ever noticed when someone is doing something for you for free it never seems to get done? And then you feel like you can't really be pushy about it because they did you a favor?  And that it isn’t all you expected? 

Think about all of the professional services your business uses (banking, insurance, accountants, lawyers, etc.). You can't always trust that a friend or family member who knows some basics about these topics can do the job of a professional.  Our business is web development; we deliver it on time, on budget, and to your specifications!

I want to work with someone locally. Why should I choose your company?

We’re all for the 100 mile diet!  But even if your website development company is next door, almost all of your communication will be done by email and over the phone. The team at Sandbox Software Solutions is only ever a phone call, skype or email away.

Have you created websites for any companies engaged in activities similar to mine?

We develop websites for small and large organizations/businesses from almost every industry and vertical, so most likely we have. If you want details, please contact us.

Do I pay separately for website hosting?

Yes.  This can be to Sandbox Software (as a hosting provider), or to an external hosting provider. Please discuss this with our representatives to understand the options.

Do I have to get my own web address?

No, the team at Sandbox Software Solutions can register a web address of your choosing (if it’s available) on your behalf.  However, if you already have a domain, we can work with that too; you will have to provide us with access to your domain account so that we can work appropriate magic.

What if I already have registered my web address?

This is not a problem.  If you already have a domain, we will ask you to provide us with access to your domain account so that we can work appropriate magic.

How many pages can my website have?

When you go with an advanced web content management system like OASIS, you are allowed to add yourself as many pages as you like; we will typically compose the first 10 pages for you so things look just right for launch.

Can I update my website myself and what do I need to know?

With OASIS (or an e-commerce platform), it will be very easy for you to make updates to the words and pictures on your website or to add new pages.

What if I'm too busy to worry about updating my website?

We offer appealing maintenance plans which can be used to support ongoing updates of your website.  Contact us for pricing.

Will my website show up on Google/Bing? How high?

Yes. However, how high you show up depends on how the content of your website is written, which words you make extensive use of at your site, and how many links you have to your website from other websites.  

I did everything I could to get a better rank on Google.  Why am I not seeing any results?

Some patience is required, and you have to remember that in some cases, you’re competing against organizations many times your size who have had their web presence a lot longer. Be patient. If you have a lot of good information that you keep up-to-date and lots of websites link to yours, your rank will improve.