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CriterionSandbox Software:Vendor:
Length of Time Developing Solutions of this Type: 10 years in business  
Number of Solutions Developed: ~300  
Size of Team: 14 staff members  
Location of all Team Members:  Guelph, Ontario
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Technologies Used: Java, .NET (C#), SQL Server, MySQL, PHP, OASIS web CMS, Magento e-commerce platform, WordPress,HTML5/CSS3, Javascript, JQuery, Objective C  
Design Services Available:  Web Media Designer on Staff  
Development Methodologies/Approaches:

Modified Agile

Reporting Approach: Biweekly formal project reports by email
Frequent telephone communication (per client preferences)
Self-Service Capabilities:

Through online project tracker FogBugz, clients may submit requests 24/7.  Usual response time applies.

Online payment option

Usual Help Approach:

Self-help tutorials on our websites
Emergency cell phone service

Help Response Times: 4 hours between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm ET (business hours)
8 hours outside business hours
Emergency cell phone service

System Maintenance Approaches:

Contracted maintenance agreements available
Hourly rate service


Administrator Functions Available:

Most systems we develop provide administrator login credentials to allow system report collection, permission adjustments, etc.


Degree of Client Involvement Facilitated:

From low involvement (show me at the end) to deep integration (including onsite work with us in our offices in Guelph) – and totally at client discretion


Staffing Approach to Projects:

One primary point of contact
One or more named developers
To the extent possible, the same team sees an entire project through to completion
Ombudsperson approach via Client Relations
Available Digital Strategist

 Pricing Models: Project-based (firm pricing based on defined requirements)
 Pricing Guarantees: Our quoted prices for defined functionality will not be exceeded unless scope change is introduced  
Warranties: Software product guaranteed to function per project requirements, and all bugs/fixes will be undertaken without additional charges in the first 60 days after official launch  
Hosting Approach:

Hosting available through Sandbox (shared server)
Hosting contracted through Sandbox on VPN or leased server
Client hosts solution

Terms: See our Standard Terms and Conditions.  
Strategic Support:

Our strategists are involved in project discovery
Our strategists review each stage of the project before it is turned over to you for input
Our strategists will make recommendations throughout and after the project

Intellectual Property: Determined project by project. When OASIS web CMS is used, we license this software to your perpetual, non-transferable use, and we do not own your design or content.  In other circumstances, IP is negotiable, depending on our re-use of our libraries.  
Payment Approaches:

Electronic transfer
Online Credit Card Payments
Net 30 days

Deadline Performance: We commit to delivery of all solutions to the time designated in our proposal, presuming that all stipulated milestones requiring client involvement are met by the client.