Sandbox Software,

About Sandbox Software


Since 2004, Sandbox Software Solutions has developed digital solutions that drive business growth and organizational effectiveness. Our solutions - websites, portals, intranets, mobile apps and custom software - help improve efficiency, expand customer reach and solve challenging business process problems.

Our team of digital strategists, software developers, technicians, and visual designers provides the creativity, communication skills and dedication that create an outstanding experience for you as the customer. 

The software developers of Sandbox Software Solutions have many years of experience developing database-driven web-based applications which are being used by organizations such as World Vision International, NITHA and Rogers Communications.

With more than a decade invested in making digital experiences better, our solutions are strategic and meet our client's needs. Our processes ensure that your project is both on-time and on-budget. Our approach relies on small, focused project teams. We deliver responsive customer service in our day-to-day interactions. We provide clients with simple explanations. We treat each project, regardless of size, as valuable.

Headquartered in Guelph, approximately an hour drive from Toronto, we also have staff in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  We are also proud to have successfully worked with clients across Canada, the United States, Europe and South America, including in Toronto, Montreal, Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, Hamilton, Mississauga, Sudbury, Kamloops, Northern Saskatchewan, Seattle, Washington DC,  Monterrey (Mexico), Chile, and Belgium. As lead or with our many marketing agency partners, we have completed more than 350 successful projects - meeting budgets and timelines. It’s a track record you can bank on.  

Summary of Knowledge and Experience

Our clients come from a broad range of verticals, and range in size from one of Canada’s largest construction companies to solo consultants. For each of them, we provide a consistent service experience, our best strategic thinking about digital, and solutions that work for their needs.

Our digital work enables one of the world’s great humanitarian charities to match technical experts to positions and areas of real need. It helps architects and engineers select correct light fixtures for a range of important buildings, including hospitals. It supports our fellow Canadians in selecting appropriate types and levels of insurance. It facilitates reporting of health indices in First Nations communities. It helps people have personalized website experiences. It helps a call centre find the information needed to answer questions. It enables associations in their work and play. It helps doctors learn the newest information. It reduces fraud in the financial services sector. It supports clinical trials for new and potentially life-changing medical therapies. It helps people find work and volunteer opportunities. It helps people find great places to live.

Organizational Capacity

Sandbox Software Solutions is a team of 14 talented individuals with passion for and commitment to their work. Most of our team works from our office near the University of Guelph, with a satellite in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We typically have a one month waiting list for acceptance of new projects.